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Premium partner with Schüco to always provide the best to our customers

Schüco aluminum products offer sophisticated and certified technological systems, together with a combination of materials, designs and applications that offer safety, well-being and sustainability. 

FACADES -Thanks to the flexibility of its systems, Schüco allows the creation of aesthetically perfect high-performance facades, in which the most innovative design solutions are supported by the safety of the technique.

In fact, Schüco aluminum systems for facades guarantee the highest performance in terms of energy, safety, automation and design, for truly limitless design freedom.

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WINDOWS - Design, comfort, safety: considered essential for defining the character and style of your home, the window also has a decisive influence on the safety and living comfort of the environment in which we live.

In fact, the choice of the right window must take into consideration not only an adequate duration over time of the window, but also some performance characteristics that contribute to improving the quality of life, including thermal and acoustic insulation capacity, air and water tightness and the degree of safety at all times. 'burglary.

DOORS -The aluminum doors Refuco are the top of technology combined with a great versatility of the available materials.

Unrivaled structural integrity thanks to the careful development of the Schüco design studio for the aluminum sector. Beautiful, comfortable (thermal insulation at the highest quality standards), and safe given that they reach anti-burglary levels that were unthinkable a few years ago.